Every experiment needs a control group

While millions of people line up for a jab with experimental vaccines, millions more are saying no to the high-pressure compliance programs. We call these people the “control group”.

The Gene Code Injection – An Experiment On Humanity?

mRNA vaccines =
Medical experimentation

April 13, 2021, Dr. Richard Fleming https://www.flemingmethod.com/ was a guest on Stephen Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic,” https://americasvoice.news/ . Dr. Fleming explained that when the U.S. government began to roll out the “vaccines,” the pharmaceutical companies no longer needed to recruit for test subjects. Now, with the whole country, they had the Test Group, those who would volunteer to receive the injection, spray, etc., and the Control Group, those who would not. Actually, the “lab” is the entire world – and YOU are the Research Subject!

Be In Control

Tired of the loss of privacy, invasive questions from friends and family, and hostile glares from strangers in the supermarket? Tired of explaining, making excuses or defending your right not try?

If you’re a part of the Control Group, just flash your wristband and hum on past .