About Control Group

No Guinea Pigs Here

We are just ordinary people who feel something isn’t right. From the beginning of the so called Covid Pandemic, things have not added up. And when vaccines appear after less than a year (even though this type of technology has been tested and failed for decades) we just can’t get past that even with modest research, the safety and efficacy of these so called mRNA vaccines is not beyond repute. 

LET’S BE CLEAR on 2 things:

1. These so called vaccines are released under a provisional, emergency basis and are not fully approved therapies.

2. It is incumbent upon the government to prove that they are safe.

Unleashing experimental medicine on a population coupled with a high pressure compliance campaign is indeed, a medical experiment of epic proportions: we are all a part of it, like it or not. But we do not have to be part of the experimental group, and if you have resisted the vaccines, for any reason, you are a part of the CONTROL GROUP.

Our purpose, outside of the normal purpose of a control group in an experiment, is to support all people who say NO to the jab and provide solidarity, visibility and strength in numbers.

If you are unsure or considering getting vaccinated, we only wish you to be fully informed, as the law requires, before you consent to be, essentially, a guinea pig for mRNA gene altering therapy and nanoparticle therapy experimentation, both of which have unknown long term safety concerns.

Be Well. Be Informed. Be In Control.